Every Day is a New Start

Every day is a new start. Read that statement above again. You have likely heard it before, read it in a book meant to uplift you or saw it as an inspirational quote someplace. The thing is . . . It doesn't always feel like that because most mornings we have a residual hangover from…

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The Little Things

Checked Baggage | The Little Things

Moving forward and embracing a new life starts with the little things. Day by day your emotions will change in an instant by something as simple as a smell. It is during these times that you start to look forward to the simple things that make you feel normal or even happy.   For me,…

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Let's talk about guilt. We've all felt it.   In relationships, it is a silent killer, or at least it was in mine. I had a significant guilt complex that has taken me this past year of reflection to acknowledge.   I felt guilty. Guilty for the lifestyle I wanted, guilty for wanting to live…

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