A Little Thing Called Tribe

By Maria Ranallo / April 9, 2019

The process of building and nurturing a strong, supportive community is challenging. It takes time and energy... (lots of both, if I’m going to keep this honest). It can be uncomfortable, it’s time-consuming, and it can hurt when people leave or your tribe drifts apart. However, it is also one of life’s sweetest rewards. Big…

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The Aftermath of a Breakup | Divya Patnaik

The Aftermath of a Breakup

By Divya Patnaik / March 6, 2019

I am a Scorpio. We are known for being passionate, fiercely loyal, and intense. So intense.  With all these amazing traits (if I may say so myself), it is no surprise that when we fall in love, we fall hard. It is always a never before kind of love affair with us - often likening…

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The Question that Helped Heal My Heart

Who Am I? The Path to Rediscovering Myself

By Lina / March 5, 2019

Friends of mine suggested that I record myself reading my blog.  It brings a different level of understanding because you hear it the way  I intended.  You can listen to me reading my story below. Enjoy. xoLina Who Am I? The Path to Rediscovering Myself Who am I? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself…

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Checked Baggage | The Little Things

The Little Things

By Lina / May 19, 2018

Moving forward and embracing a new life starts with the little things. Day by day your emotions will change in an instant by something as simple as a smell. It is during these times that you start to look forward to the simple things that make you feel normal or even happy.   For me,…

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Girl Therapy | Checked Baggage

Girl Therapy

By Lina / May 11, 2018

Can anyone raise their hand ?? if they know the time-tested gift you give your girlfriend who is in the midst of a breakup and turning 40?   I think that there is an unwritten 'Gift Guide for Women About to Get Divorced.' I'll let you do your research, and for the record, I think I…

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By Lina / May 7, 2018

Let's talk about guilt. We've all felt it.   In relationships, it is a silent killer, or at least it was in mine. I had a significant guilt complex that has taken me this past year of reflection to acknowledge.   I felt guilty. Guilty for the lifestyle I wanted, guilty for wanting to live…

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By Lina / May 1, 2018

The day the trigger was pulled with the words, "I think our relationship is over." Nothing fancy just a statement.   I can't remember the exact day just that it was the end of February.   I do remember how I felt.  I saw the cracks starting to form in the world around me.  I knew…

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