Every Day is a New Start

Every day is a new start. Read that statement above again. You have likely heard it before, read it in a book meant to uplift you or saw it as an inspirational quote someplace. The thing is . . . It doesn't always feel like that because most mornings we have a residual hangover from…

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Changing My Mind

I had a blog post ready for today but kept going over it and it just wasn't right. My past few posts have been about the heavy emotions I was dealing with right after my break up. I want to use this post to discuss some of the best ways that I have tackled these…

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Going Quiet

Going Quiet | Checked Baggage

I think whenever you have a significant life change you start searching for meaning. What does this mean? What do I even believe? Why is this happening?   I found a podcast, exactly when I was ready to listen to it, The Lively Show by Jess Lively. Jess was a reflection of what I wanted…

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